About The Agents (Head Librarians) 



Julia Irzyk is a Los Angeles based Commercial and Voice Over Agent and Attorney. A Texan, she moved out to Los Angeles in 2002. 

She worked at Elev8 Talent Agency from May 2013-April 2017. Prior to her work as an agent, Julia worked for 6 years for a dozen different commercial casting offices in Los Angeles as a session runner and associate.

A graduate of Georgetown University Law Center (J.D. 2002), Julia co-authors a disability law treatise "Disabilities and the Law (4th Edition)" published by Thomson Reuters West, for which she releases new updates every six months. Julia's specialties are special education law and employment discrimination. She also does pro bono special education advocacy work.

Julia and her husband, Bryan, an actor and comedian, have been married since January 2012, although they celebrate their anniversary as their first date in August 2005. They have a cat named Disney, who does tricks.

Julia is an enthusiastic fan of the Texas Longhorns and the Green Bay Packers. Do not call or text during (or within the hour following) either team's games. You will regret it.


Emily Lallouz is a Los Angeles-based talent agent. Born and raised in upstate New York, Emily’s career has taken her from New York City to Kona, Hawaii to the bayous of Louisiana to Los Angeles, where she has now been based since 2012.

Prior to joining The Library Agency, Emily was a seasoned casting producer and worked in unscripted TV development and production for years. She was responsible for sourcing and producing talent for all the major letter networks and dozens of cable networks in addition to new media outlets such as BuzzFeed and YouTube Red. Though Emily has worked for luxury brands such as Chanel and The Four Seasons, her first-ever job was milking goats, which is entirely irrelevant to her current career but proved early on that she’s willing to get her hands dirty. Seriously. Ask her about it.

A quintessential “people person,” Emily’s foray into the entertainment industry was a natural one. When she’s not representing talent for a projects across a variety of mediums, she can be found posting comedic tweets on Twitter for your retweet consideration (@seriouslyemily). Passionate about progressive politics, she is an avid consumer of a variety of news outlets, and believes in action-based advocacy, as well as timely, hilarious memes.

Emily makes a home in Encino with her husband of 5 years, Jonathan; newborn son, James; and their rescue dogs, Ladybird and Eleanor, who sometimes update their Instagram.

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