Dos and Don'ts for Librarians

1)            DO wear the same wardrobe to the callback as the first audition. DO follow wardrobe instructions in the audition notification, but when in doubt, wear what you have on in the headshot that was submitted for the project.

2)           DO keep your LA Casting and Casting Frontier up to date!

3)           DO check The Library Agency website “For The Librarians” page every day for special castings and email me within 24 hours to be submitted for these roles. The password is “oscar".

4)            DO NOT call my cell phone or text me unless it is an emergency and you cannot reach me at the office phone number first. Emergencies are on set emergencies (contract issues, inappropriate behavior by other cast or crew, dangerous situations), something preventing you from getting to an audition on time (car accident, previous audition running long, etc.). You may ALWAYS call for emergencies day or night. NOT emergencies: headshots, wanting to drop in, etc.

5)           DO NOT call me before 10am or on the weekends (especially during football season) except for emergencies (see above).

6)           DO NOT EVER call a casting director yourself for any reason ever. This includes audition time changes. If there is an issue that needs a CD’s attention, that’s what I’m here for. Calling a casting director, producer, or director is grounds for immediate dismissal from The Library Agency. DO NOT do ANY contract negotiating with production. This is a direct violation of your contract with The Library Agency. Essentially, your job is to do the acting and keeping your materials up to date. My job is to do everything else.

7)            DO NOT call to see if anything is coming up for you. There is no way for me to know if there will be auditions. DO NOT call to see if I’ve heard anything about the auditions you had, how you did, whether you will be getting a callback, etc. I don’t keep that sort of info to myself. If there was something for me to tell you, I would tell you.

8)           If a question can be asked by email, ask it by email. I much prefer email to phone or text.

9)            If I don’t answer your email immediately, I’m in a meeting, eating a meal, at the doctor’s office. I answer most email within 2 hours, so unless it is an emergency, please be patient.