Well, it’s that time of year… HOLIDAY GIFT TIME! I would like some clients to volunteer to drop off gifts to casting offices to get their faces in front of casting. If you have a theatrical audition in the month of December and you can come by the office to pick up gifts to bring to casting, that would be super helpful as getting on the lots without an appointment is difficult. Commercial offices is a lot easier. I can select offices in your part of town if you want to come by after Thanksgiving and pick up a couple gifts to drop off for commercial offices, let me know (along with what part of town you want to hit) and I’ll get together a couple of gift packs for you to pass out. Gifts will be ready for you to pick and distribute beginning Dec. 1st. Be sure to bring postcards with your headshot on them to give to casting. Last year Gift Elves turned into four auditions on the spot, including GLOW. So, if you have the time, please volunteer!