This message was just posted on a project from Casting Director Jodi Sonnenberg:

"The last two weeks have truly been a nightmare with people being submitted that are not in town and even a massive amount of people that are confirmed and then not showing up. It doesn't seem to matter if it's a SAG or non-union job's really becoming so difficult to get people to come for some reason.

Thank you everyone. I know summer is tough for us all that are still working but you can perhaps send a mass email to your roster reminding them that they need to let you know when they are out of town, at summer camp, had to get a day job or simply don't want to work. There are actors out there that do and that's who I want to work with."

Seriously, Librarians, this is why not booking out makes us nuts, because it makes casting nuts. And it makes all of us look bad. Don't make me cancel your auditions. Book Out! Even if you haven't had an audition in awhile so you think you're safe. You're never safe. Even if it is the weekend. Please help us look like the badass agency we are. Gracias! Happy 4th of July!