Yet another Casting Director message about not booking out. SERIOUSLY, YOU MUST BOOK OUT!!! Fortunately she wasn't talking about me or any of my people. Because you've all read the bookout policy, right... RIGHT???

"Hi. 28 Cancels. 28 cancels and that's with still having 30 people unconfirmed so I can't wait to see where we net out.

Are you doing anything to penalize your roster for this behavior??? ARE YOU??
I don't know...if I was an agent and I had an understanding at the amount of time and effort that is put into making these jobs happen and I had people on my roster that saw this as a &%^$ing hobby I would DROP THEM or you do this thing called put them on probation. Maybe, just maybe, if they understand that there's consequences to not giving a %^#$ about booking out maybe they would learn to do so. What do you think? Can I count on you to start letting the talent know that this is NOT A GAME it's a JOB INTERVIEW. No book out means when the talent is back in town they can let you know and then after their probation week you start submitting them on projects so they can learn to respect everyone else's time. But wait... what if they leave me then? GOOD RIDDANCE, bye Felicia."